The mission of Springs of Joy is to minister to broken and wounded souls; to help them experience real change first on the inside and then by the renewing of their minds, enabling them to be freed and healed from the elements of life that have prevented them from being who they were created to be, thus giving new hope and meaning to life.

The vision is much the same as the mission:  to see troubled people (adolescents, adult individuals, couples, families) released from the lies they believe about themselves, replace those lies with truth and then a new life of freedom evolves.

Dawn is blessed with a full tool bag.  Her education and life experience is deep.  Her approach in counseling is totally individualized and customized for the needs of every client.  Her heart is that each person feels valued and cared for on the healing journey.


Struggles we work with include:  anxiety, depression, grief, addictions, sexual problems, trauma, self-esteem, fears, abuse, marital conflict, relational, spiritual, and more.



M. Dawn Rike, MA, LMFT, CAC II

405 Wilcox St., Suite 200,

Castle Rock, CO 80104

Phone: 720.346.3267

Email: springsofjoy@live.com


A couple decades ago Dawn told God she wanted to be in the middle of what He is doing and that she desired it to be bigger than she was so she would be forced to depend upon Him.  Raising her children definitely met the criteria, for that is a very high calling.  In the midst of that He sent her to graduate school, then gave her Springs of Joy, and to top it off added Liberia, West Africa (see the Liberia page).  She knows God took her seriously.


Dawn Rike is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in the State of Colorado.  In 1976 she received her Bachelor of Arts degree from John Wesley College, Owosso, Michigan.  From 1976 to 1999 she participated in a variety of mentoring, lay-counseling, and discipleship experiences.  From 1986-1991 she served as hostess at Marble Retreat in Marble, Colorado (a crisis-counseling center for pastors and missionaries).  In 2001 she received her Masters Degree in counseling from Colorado Christian University. She completed post-masters study in marriage and family therapy at Colorado School for Family Therapy with an emphasis in sex therapy.  She holds certifications as an Addiction Counselor, level II (CAC II), as a Child Family Investigator (CFI), in Prepare and Enrich (pre-marital and marital), and Formational Prayer. She has also completed training in Theophostic.  She is ordained by The Missionary Church International.


       Dawn’s desire is to minister to the broken and wounded soul; to be an agent of change, assisting these precious people on their life journey.  Her life experiences as well as her educational background have prepared her to answer the call she believes God has placed on her life.


       She has been a member of the Castle Rock community since 1991.  Married since 1979 (yes, to the same man). Dawn is blessed to be the mother of two, now grown and married children and home-schooled for eighteen years.  She enjoys singing, cooking, biking, hiking, reading, gardening, quilting, traveling, and new adventures. Her newest adventure is being a grandma.


          If you would like more information about Dawn and Springs of Joy, Inc., please feel free to call or email her to schedule an appointment.


 "We started seeing Dawn because our 30 year marriage was in trouble. Dawn was very insightful in identifying the issues and underlying unaddressed problems.  She provided the necessary tools for us to utilize and help us work through old patterns we developed over the years."



     "I contacted Dawn after a referral from my EAP (employee assistance program), and after spending a few minutes on the phone with her, I felt she might be able to help me with my personal struggles.  Dawn provided the help I needed to get through a tough time in my life.  After a second failed marriage, strained relationships with my children, struggling with financial difficulties and living alone, I needed some guidance.  Dawn helped provide the insight into my personality and my past that put things in perspective.  I can honestly say I'm in a much better place now with myself and my children and Dawn played a major role in helping me get there."



     "Dawn Rike is an amazing and exceptional counselor!  I have worked with Dawn to overcome a very painful past.  Dawn, through lots of prayer and lots of wisdom, helped me to grow from the pain of my past, overcome it and move forward with life.  I don't know what else to say about Springs of Joy counselor, Dawn Rike, because 'thank you' is simply not enough."



     "I came to Dawn not more than a year ago. I was beaten down and broken-hearted from living a life to please myself, the world and trying to please Jesus.  I was straddling a sharp, painful fence.  Dawn's gentle, patient, and understanding guidance helped me make a decision to get both feet on the ground.  I stand today a strong and ever-confident man of God!"


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The mission of Springs of Joy is to minister to broken and wounded souls; to help them experience real change. The vision of is much the same as the mission:  to see troubled people released from the lies they believe about themselves and to replace those lies with truth.







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