Augustine (see Background) loves his country and has a huge vision to see his people reached with the Good News of Jesus, to help usher in healing and begin to restore hope to the Liberian people.  Right now even the government is open to the Gospel.

We share his vision.

Due to the Ebola crisis everything was shut down but life is emerging from under the dark veil of disease and war.  In July, 2016 “Dawn’s Girls’ Club” (see Background) will relaunch in four different communities, “Studio One” (see background) will officially launch in June and three neighboring nations are seriously interested in having DGC in their country.


We are making a difference. Many have found Jesus and the interest in DGC is rapidly growing.

You can help Liberia be transformed by making a tax-deductible donation below.  If you would like to become a member of the FOCUS Liberia Today Team, send an email to Dawn at No financial commitment is required.  You will simply receive periodic emails with updates of the work and needs and how you can pray.  We also have a Facebook page, FOCUS Liberia Today.


In 2008 Dawn was sent to South Africa as part of a counseling team available to leaders of Youth for Christ International at their General Assembly.  There she met Augustine Fredericks, National Director of Liberia.  God imparted something powerful to him.  He invited Dawn to come and bring hope to the women of his nation.  She had no idea what was ahead…


When Augustine returned home from GA 2008 he honored Dawn by launching a new branch of his ministry by naming it “Dawn’s Girls’ Club.”   The vision of the club is “To empower every young woman in Liberia to make informed decisions to follow Christ and become independent through those basic skills that Dawn’s Girls’ Club will offer.”  The skills taught include tailoring, baking, hair-arranging, and others.

Due to Liberia’s history (see below), it was not safe for Dawn to visit Liberia until 2012.  In the few days she was there, she spoke at women’s conferences, met with high-ranking government officials, was interviewed on a radio talk show with an audience of over 400,000 (after which she received a call from the President’s office) and other Divine appointments.  God opened doors of opportunity to impact a nation.


In 2013 Dawn returned to Liberia with a team to continue what He started.  They spoke, counseled, loved people, appeared on national television and radio and gave the people “Prayer for Liberia,” a song Nathan (her son) helped put together from what God gave Dawn on the first visit.  It is still getting airplay today.


The spring of 2014 a young man from Liberia came to Castle Rock to be trained by Nathan Rike as a recording engineer to assist the Liberia Association of Gospel Musical Artists (LAGMA).  He returned with the donated equipment to launch “Studio One.” Ebola delayed things, but it will officially open summer of 2016.


The history of Liberia is pretty tragic.  Once the place to go in West Africa for higher education, it is now one of the poorest nations in the world.  It is reeling from a fourteen-year civil war, from 1989 to 2003, during which unspeakable atrocities were visited upon the people.  Then only a few years later the Ebola crisis.  60% of the population is considered “youth” with 43% being age 15 or under.  Unemployment is extremely high as is armed robbery and corruption.  The very sad truth is Liberia has been largely ignored by both the international community and the church.  That is, until Ebola catapulted this nation the size of Virginia into the international media and then the attention was largely negative and full of reasons to fear this broken and wounded nation.  You can read more about Liberia by going to Liberia Info. online.

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The mission of Springs of Joy is to minister to broken and wounded souls; to help them experience real change. The vision of is much the same as the mission:  to see troubled people released from the lies they believe about themselves and to replace those lies with truth.





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